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more on.... Olga Johnson Thalacker Larson

So....  I don't know much about Olga.  I wish there was more to know, really.  I know she was born in Mondovi (Buffalo County) Wisconsin on January 31, 1900.

Olga is the little girl in the middle infront of her homestead with: her father, Iver Johnson (Iver Janson Veum), her brother: Albert Johnson, and on the other side of her, mother, Theodora (Christopherson) Johnson, and sister Mabel (Johnson) Uschan in front of their house that use to be on their farmin Mondovi, WI.

I know she and my Great Grandfather, William Thalacker, married July 19, 1919 ... only a few months before baby Irene came into the world on October 13, 1919.  (Shotgun-Wedding anyone?) 

I know that at some point both her and my G-Grandfather contracted Turberculosis.

At that point in time - there wasn't much hope with those who caught TB.

They started running campaigns around the time my G-Grandparents caught TB.  These are from Chicago.

This one from Virgina .... (I couldn't find anything from WI, and I tried!)

There are hospitals that were opened just for those with TB. 
Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY

Like Waverly Hills Sanatorium ( and another interesting link) in Louisville, KY....which I've had a big interest in since the history with my family (and my interest in ghosts)... and others like St. Agnes Sanitarium,  location unknown... and I found this link of some guys exploring old abandoned structures ....   this one they happened to explore a TB Hospital....

One part of the therapies would be cold air exposure....  for adults, kids, and babies.  (both these were taken from the websites linked in the paragraph above.  Top one from the extra Waverly link, the other from the St. Agnes one.)

There were surgeries, and weird-odd experiments to try to cure...  but it was a long time before there was a vaccine.   (A little TB History Timeline)

So I'm not sure if Olga and William got pregnant with my Grandfather before, or after, they contracted TB.  At the very least, they got it while she was pregnant as my G-Grandfather died 5 months before my Grandfather was born from it.  ** Note: After talking to my Grandfather's Sister's Daughter (did you follow that?).... I found out the second date I saw for William's death was the correct one and he dided November 2nd 1921 ... not Feb 2 .... so he died when my Grandfather was almost 4 months old)**  Olga thought she was dying so she gave my Grandfather up right away (it seems)....  we know he was adopted by William's sister and her husband when he was an infant. 

After my Grandfather was born, Olga met a man, Palmer Larson, and married him.  This is their wedding picture.
Olga (Johnson) Thalacker Larson and her 2nd husband Palmer Larson's wedding. From left: Olga's brother, Albert Johnson, Palmer Larson, Olga, and an unknown lady

Here she is (in the middle) with her sister and a friend & dog infront of her Dad's Saloon ...
Mabel (Johnson) Uschan, Olga (Johnson) Thalacker Larson, and unknown lady and dog by Iver's Saloon, Mondovi, WI
There was also a post card that was found, that was sent to her and her mother....

Back of postcard sent by Mable (Johnson) Uschan to her mother Theodora and sister Olga. It's Addressed: To Olga and Mamma .... It says: Hello Mamma. How are you? I am fine. Me and Mrs. Brooks was out riding yesterday all over Chippewa and in the park too, we hitch up and go whenever we want to and have a good time. I inclose with Best Wishes From Mable Johnson. Answer soon.

And when she passed away .... 

She was buried in Mondovi ... between her Mother and her Sister Mabel.... 

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