Friday, May 18, 2012

I got a GIFT today ....

When I opened my mailbox today I got SUCH A GIFT .....  I have a couple photos of my Grandparents (on my Mom's side) ....  but I'm not sure where they are right now.  My Mom had brought over a few things for me to scan of my grandparents, including a couple photos of my Grandmother. 

But today ..... I got a gift .... photos of my Grandfather who I had this major bond with .... 

My Grandpa was adopted ... his parents, William and Olga Thalacker had both contracted Tuberculosis while Olga was pregnant with my Grandfather.  My Grandfather was born in July of 1921 and William died in November.  My Great-Grandmother wasn't allowed to keep the baby, she thought she was dying.   William had set things up with his sister, Lucy. 

Louise "Lucy" Magdaline Thalacker was born January 3, 1889, in the town of Albany, Pepin County, Wisconsin and she died on June 25, 1951.   (Can I put a note in here that my birthday is June 25th! Eeps!)  .... She married Gail Day on the 15th of September in 1915 in Eau Claire, WI ... and they made their home in Rock Falls, Dunn County, Wisconsin.  Gail operated a meat locker business.  Gail was born April 7, 1891 in Rock Creek Township, Dunn County, Wisconsin and died on June 6, 1964.  Both Lucy and Gail died in Rock Falls.

The house they had still stands in Rock Falls.  

Lucy and Gail adopted my Grandfather, in 1922.  He was their only child.   He loved them greatly.  So much that he and my grandmother buried the son that they lost, Lynn, at their feet. 

My Grandmother was born on May 5, 1922 .....  I often laugh because my Mom was born Feb. 2, 1955.  5-5-22... 2-2-55 ....    

Anyway - my Grandmother, Berneil Eva Wheaton, was born in Bridge Creek, Wisconsin.  (Augusta)...  my grandparents got married on June 10, 1949.

I know that my Grandmother and Grandfather - both - served in the military during World War II.  I remembering once, asking what my Grandmother did, and she told me that she typed ....   I'm not sure the extent of my Grandfather's service.  Hopefully one of my family members does. 

You know how they tell you in school to ASK your grandparents about their past .....  well, you really need to.  Before it's to late.   At this point, I really regret not prying more ...... asking more questions, and learning as much as I could .....

It's funny when it excites you when you find out that your Great-Grandfather (adopted) had a meat locker business - because it's something you never know that.....

My Grandparents had 9 children.  I also know that my Grandmother had at least one miscarriage, but I believe it was more than one. 

Dana  ....   he is married with two children.  His son just recently got married...
Melayne (my mom) ....  has me, I'm married with four kids and one step-daughter
Ricki ... he has one daughter
Randy .... he is married with four children
Clark ....  he is married with three children (and many step-kids, I think five?) ... his oldest daughter is married with one son
Lance .... he is married with two boys, one of them is married with three kids... 
Lynn ..... he was Lance's twin brother who died at 2 days old.  My Grandparents were told Lance was the weaker of the two, and they needed to get him baptized right away.  So they got someone in to baptize them ... and Lynn was the one that passed.  He ended up aspirating :(
Peter ..... he is married and has two children
Tracy ....  he has five girls...  two of which have two children of their own....

So ....... they had nine kids, eight of which survived ....  20 Grandchildren (I feel like I'm missing some?) ... and so far...... 11 Great Grandchildren .... 

Anyway - I totally got off what I was even doing.  I wanted to share the photos I got of my Grandfather. 

First, here are two of my Grandmother........ Berneil
Here are the photos I got of my Grandfather ..... Lawrence

And with that - I am going to bed!

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