Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clarifying Email....

I got an email from my Grandfather's Sister's Daughter (did you follow that?) yesterday ....  I had sent her an email asking her a bunch of things and this is what she sent me......

I'm going to type out the excerpt from the book that Kathern Thalacker printed.
III2) Wilhelm (William) Fredriech Thalacker was born Jan 14,1882, in the Town of Albany, Pepin Co WI. and died Nov 2, 1921, in Eau claire, WI. He was a carpenter, and made his residence at Mondovi, WI. On Nov. 2 1905 he married Hattie Gueldner; they had one daughter,1) Marion. Sometime later he and hattie were divorced.
William was remarried at Wabasha, Mn, on July 29th 1919, to Olga Johnson. Olga was born January 31,1900, in Buffalo Co. and died Nov 14, 1924, in that county. When Olga was pregnant the second time she developed tuberculosis, and when the baby was born she was not allowed to keep it. Because Olga and William were both ill, William arranged for his stster Louise to adopt the baby. Iver and Theodora Johnson, Olga's parents, raised the older child(Irene). Olga married Palmer Larson in 1923, she died the following year from tuberculosis. The children of William and Olga are 2) Irene, 3) Lawrence.
IV1) Marion Thalacker; B. Feb. 6th, 1908 in Eau Claire WI. Dies Aug. 11 1965 In Watsonville, CA. Married, Roy Harris, in Nebraska. They had no children.
IV2) Irene Lucille Thalacker; B. Oct 13th, 1919, In Eau Claire, WI. Married in Salinas, CA May 15th 1942 to Lawrence Raymond Crawford, B. 12/25/1915 in Mondovi, WI, d. Dec. 16/1996. They had 3 children, Raymond, Steven, Terry.

It's nice to have that all cleared up :) Now I have to change the information on my tree :)  And add a few things..... 

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