Thursday, January 16, 2014

Finding Pieces of them Fills my Heart ...

I am enjoying finding little newspaper gems right now ....  

5 Aug 1965 ...... This is the Obit of my Great-Grandma (My Mom's Mom's Mom) .. her name was Eva.  

My Great-Grandfather Dana died a year and almost two months after my Great-Grandma Eva.  I had talked to my Mom about this and said "awwww he died of a broken heart" and she had told me how he had been really sick, suffering from some sort or infection or something - I'll have to ask her again.   But he didn't really let anyone know.  We had this discussion when we were talking about my Grandmother's sister Beverly.  

Oh I found it attached to a picture of him two months before he died:  Dana Wheaton July 1966 - two months before he died, about a year after Eva died. Mom said he bled to death, he had a cut in his throat that was aggravated by some procedure done by the doctors, and no one knew he was slowly bleeding to death. She said they found a lot of tums when they cleaned out his apartment (which he got after selling the house after Eva died)

Regardless .... here is his obituary I found... 

I'm not sure what the .... "Deborah Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star" is though... something to investigate.    **Looked it up, it's a type of (Chapter of) Freemasonry ...  he was also a Shriner...  see the Freemason blog! 

The other little gem I found - which actually broke my heart to find ....   was the obituary of my Uncle Lynn.  He was my Uncle Lance's twin brother.   From what my Grandma had told me - was that the twins were born ( Twins - Lance & Lynn - September 16, 1962 - Lance 4 lbs 1oz and Lynn 4 lbs 2.5 oz ... 12:44/ 12:48 pm ) ... the doctors said Lance was the sicker of the two of them.  They didn't expect him to live.  They had the twins baptized right away.  Then Lynn aspirated and didn't make it.  So they lost the twin they were hoping to take home and got the twin they were preparing to lose.  

From what I understood, they got no photos of Lynn.  They wouldn't let them take pictures until Lynn died and so they only got pictures of Lance.  However my Grandmother wrote something on the back of Lance's picture taken shortly after Lynn died that makes me wonder if the photographer may have gotten a photo of him.  
This is what she wrote on the back:  "Too bad the twins were too small to take from incubators for picture together on their day old one by photographer who comes in daily in the am" I didn't think there were any pictures of Lynn - and the story was that they finally convinced them to take a picture of Lance once they lost Lynn. Sounds like I misunderstood when Grandma told me that?

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