Thursday, January 16, 2014

Onions in the Stew

So while I was digging around (general surname) searches for newspaper stuff.... I came across this little gem of a find.   

I am reading it, looking at it, re-reading it and I think.....  "That's my DAD!" ... LOL...  So I go onto my facebook tab and I send him a little message:

Me:  Dad..................
Me: You were in a play in highschool called "Onions in the Stew" ......

I never knew this... LOL... course I'm sure there is a whole history book I don't know about my Dad...  need to find all that out!

My Dad replied to me:  I was.... I was a sailor and Ruth Voight was "my gal" (she was too for a while in High school so was her sister Jackie) I wore dad Navy Uniform... 1st time I ever wore cracker jacks.

Yep, that is a gem of a find, for sure!

Now:  Funny note.   My Dad grew up in Wisconsin.  So did I for that matter.   Later, down the road - he got transferred (Navy) to the Puget Sound Area in Washington State.  Ironic?   Then my mom met a guy out here (also Navy guy) ...   and she moved out here.   Eventually I followed (in 2010) ... and now I live in the Puget Sound area.  

Funny......... I think so.......

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