Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ancestry DNA - Annissa

So a couple months ago, there was a good deal on the whole Ancestry DNA thing, and Dennis and I both really wanted to do it. We thought it could be crazy interesting to see what the DNA showed compared to what I figured out based on where ... basically ... everyone was FROM (as in where they were born) ... just because you were BORN in England, didn't mean that your DNA was "British" .. get it? Because if you are born in England, and your great great great great whatever set of Grandparents had a long genetic line in France, means your DNA will show as French instead of British. Follow me? 

This is what I figured out based on what I had gathered with the locations of where the ancestors had been born.... 

So we FINALLY got our results today, and I have to say that I was a little shocked over mine. Shocked, but not shocked. I knew that I had a long line of Irish, I knew I had a lot of German and Norwegian, not to mention the long line of the British Royal line - those were the biggest things based on where people lived that I could trace back. However, unless there is Royalty - a lot of lines cannot be traced back very far at all - brick walls are hard to break down. SO ..... interestingly - this is what mine shows. I am 100% European ... 79% Western European, 17% Irish, and 3% other European areas... I wish I could get the 79% to break down more, you know, how much of that is my German? How much is French? But it's a lump collective.

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