Sunday, October 12, 2014

EJ & E Railroad (part 2)

So while I was on Google looking up information on the EJ & E Railroad, I found a bunch of photos that I wanted to share, because it's a part of the history of my husband's family.

Trains and Box Cars ......

An EJ E switch engine moves cars yard Joliet's east side.

6 Brass Keys from Railroads, including the EJ & E in the top middle ....

I saw these, wish they were bigger images ...

My husband, when I told him I was going to share some history and such from the EJ&E Railroad, he said "The J" and I said "what?"  ... he says ... "It was just referred to as THE J all around the area,"

Vintage E J & E Railway oil can. The only information is regards to this railway was the ELGIN, JOLIET & EASTERN Railway of Illinois and Indiana.

The caption on this said it was a "Waiters Badge"

A hard item to find from the EJ&E rr. Tool check of some type with the number 72 on it.

10 year service pin from the EJ&E railroad, now taken over by the. Canadian National. Bottom ribbon says Elgin Joliet & Eastern Ry.

Barrington, IL Train Station

EJ&E Bridge Tower

Some Maps

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