Thursday, September 5, 2013

Christopher Martin

So …  I’m addicted to genealogy … ancestry (dot) com baby …  but one thing that I have to say is that the false leads are so effin frustrating….

So last night, I’m tracing back some of the people I haven’t looked at yet.  So …  I’m looking at my husband’s line .. Susannah North Martin was one of the “witches” hung during the Salem Witch Trials.

Course, I am a witch … So I tease DB saying that my ancestors hung his ancestors (because my family was in Salem too but no one was even involved in the trials) …  to keep the heat off the real witches in the area.

Muahahahaha ….

One of my Kings hung one of his Nobility too…  Ha ha ha …

My family likes to hang his family … ha ha …

Anyway - back to my point.  Susannah was married to a man named George Martin.  He died prior to the Salem Witch Trials - HOWEVER - Susannah was accused TWICE of being a Witch.  The first time, her husband George fought tooth and nail for her. .

Anyway - first thing I do is go through the “Family Trees” on Ancestry to get ideas … then I back up and research … well people on Ancestry had George Martin connected to a Christopher Martin - as George’s father - and Christopher’s wife (who’s name currently escapes me) …  So I’m getting all these hints that Christopher came over on the Mayflower and I’m all excited, this is crazy this is awesome…. OMG ….. historically it’s gold.

And I’m reading and researching and then…. I read this……

Christopher Martin, his wife, and his son (not named George) all perished in the horrible first winter they where around for.  Wiping out his ENTIRE line.

And I thought ……. now wait a minute….

That means………

That’s right folks, Christopher Martin is NOT George Martin’s father.

So I dig deeper into George - trying to find some link to his family line.

Turns out - he came to America as another man’s servant.  There still may be a connection, but it’s not a direct connection.

So I had to delete all this fun and interesting and exciting research I did… because it wasn’t connected.


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  1. Susannah was my 9th or 10th greatgrandmother thru my great grandma Carrie Viola Peaslee. I thought I found that Christopher Martin link too. If you find out anymore about George Martin post it...I would be very interested! Thanks! Oh btw did you know there is a FB page just for Susannah's descendants?


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